Thursday, November 11, 2010


Unemployment are those people who want to work but can not able to  find job this can be due to unavailability of jobs and luck of skill workers that make people become unemployed,and it is an indication of low standard of living of the people in slomon islands because of the high number of people unemployed.

Solomon Islands is amongst the Pacific island countries with very low job opportunity for people as result of the rapid population growth of people within the country. According to the country’s report on Human rights in February 2000, Solomon Islands was with a population of approximately 450,000 people currently it is about 7000. This could be a root cause of high unemployment in the country. In addition to that,there was less services provided by the government,so jobs available are capable for only people with high qualified graduates while those with low qualifications and skills  cannot able to find jobs . Furthermore, there is low level of education in the country. solomon islands did not have enough educational institutions such as high schools and university students to sudy futher inorder to get high qualificatioln. Finally, most people become unemployed due to social crisis in the country. Solomon island’s government was affected by this crisis and  did not have enough finace to expand the country services,this is because all the money was given to those who are affected by the crisis.
Solomon Island’s people are currently facing problems regarding low employment in the country. It results in young people being involved in criminal activities such as stealing, causing conflicts between diverse ethnic groups as encountered in the periods of 2000 to 2003 between the people of Guadalcanal and Malaita provinces. People within the socities are suffered in terms of financial supports for their children attending schools in providing the school fees. Some societies ended up in very low standard of living as compared to those fortunate ones with very high paid jobs. Unemployment is causing hunger to few societies especially to those scattered communities within the streets of Honiara. For example, those who are situated at Benscreeck areas are seen to be living in low standards of living. Hence, facing hunger problem which leads to most stealing cases within the society. Unemployment is high in Solomon islands causing bad effects to people with in rural societies and urban communities especially to those who are currently being unemployed or not have paid jobs.